Transitional / Assisted  Living

Desire to Live' s Mission is to provide independent / assisted living status for homeless mental and physical disable adults 40+. Desire to live specializes in being the home for your aging parents who can no longer live alone.  Desire to Live is a licensed assisted living.  We are a faith-based- 501 C-3 non-profit transitional/assisted living resort that is newly established to meet the needs of Katy and Houston metropolitan area elders and mentally disabled adults.

DESIRE To Live promotes the health, safety, well-being, rights and dignity of each resident. Our goal is to create and maintain a living environment which will enhance your quality of life, improve physical / psychological health, as well as foster independence.

We encourage and assist residents to continue all the activities in which they are acquainted. For those who have restricted activity, we offer craft programs, memory care, Medically ill patient care, agricultural programs, and referrals to adult day care programs. These program will assist in expanding horizons and options, as well as, aide residents in living the fullest life possible.

Our passionate staff provides care services with a personal touch that go above and beyond. Desire To Live staff will assist you with all of our many programs.  Our Craft programs, Agricultural program, Memory care and Adult day care referrals will help maintain your daily living skills. We are here to help you, so call or visit today for a safe and loving place to call home. Please contact us for more information

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DESIRE To Live is not just a house. It's a home!

  Isaiah 54: 1-3  "No Limits,  No Boundaries"

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